The Way I View Healing

We have within ourselves the greatest gift of all, the ability to heal ourselves.

If we have strayed from the path of wholeness it is possible to return to it.

Dis-ease occurs when we are out of balance and the physical symptoms that become obvious are the outward manifestations of the imbalances and can often pinpoint the nature of the disharmony or conflict.

We all have our purpose in being alive at this time.    Each of us is on our own journey to learn and experience the lesions that this life holds for us..

Maybe we will have brought imbalances with us, got taken over by this rushed, highly demanding life where the evaluation of human worth gives rise to massive self doubt, self criticism and other negatives that disturb the mind and shatter the emotions, resulting in dis-ease in out bodies and the environment.

So how did we get into this mess?   This happens because our minds obey conscious choices giving rise to self doubt, confusion and anger.  Our body muscles, blood vessels etc contract depriving it of essential life forces so we feel ill at ease.

But we have the choice to be “Ill at ease” or “At ease” without the ill.   We need to stop, then look and listen to why our body is behaving the way it is, what is on our minds, our attitudes and how all this relates to our whole being.

A tall order; or is it?

It is important to remember that healing is a very individual process.  We all begin this journey at different stages with the desire to be well, yet fearful of any change.

From my work as a reflexologist, a natural nutritionist and a craniosacral therapist, I have seen the amazing abilities that we have to heal ourselves.

We are all energy beings.   We have to supply ourselves with energy to stay alive.  Yes we do this nutritionally.   We can also draw on the energies of the universe e.g. light.  First we need to stop, look at what is wrong and listen to our bodies to see how it is affecting us.

Only then can we begin to properly repair the body, ease the mind, calm the emotions and re-establish contact with the true self and reconnect in a new light with the environment.


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