How many sessions will I need ?

CranioSacral therapy is a very individual experience. Some people need just a couple of sessions to relieve the main problem. Others may need more initially and followed by maintenance sessions for a while afterwards.

The first session can give you some idea as to how many sessions may be required. Most people will feel a “difference” after this initial session and after 2-3 sessions. You will know if craniosacral is right for you.

As the sessions progress you (the client/ patient) are in the “driving seat”, so you can decide when you want/ need a treatment.

Some people find that craniosacral therapy is so relaxing and beneficial to their general health that they continue to have treatments even after the initial difficulties have been resolved. As craniosacral therapy works towards finding and treating the cause of the problem it often requires fewer visits than you would expect.

Generally released restrictions do not reoccur as they are broken up at the source. However, if you keep doing what caused it then further restrictions will occur, i.e. athletes sometimes can do this.

In this case you may need less frequent but continuous treatment to deal with any new and repetitive injuries.

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