What Does CranioSacral Therapy Feel Like?

CranioSacral therapy is a non-invasive therapy. Unlike most other therapies it does not recruit resistance from the body, so the feelings of tension and fear are greatly reduced.    As the therapist works to find the restricted areas the touch is gentle.    As we approach a restriction we stop at the edge and wait to be invited in by your body.   Once in, we follow the directions of your tissues as they unravel and unwind.

As this happens your body decides the direction and the pace. This reduces or eliminates the element of fear which so often plays a huge part in other therapies, especially medical.

In cranioSacral therapy your “inner self” – your sub-conscious takes control and responsibility for the healing process as we work to correct the root of the problem.  So relax and let it work.

However as things start to change there may be a little discomfort. Change is always good and we should view this discomfort or worsening of the symptoms as a good thing as it means that you are addressing the cause of the symptoms.

So lay back, relax and let cranioSacral therapy and your inner self lead you on your journey.

Even though the physical contact is gentle, profound effects may be perceived during or after the session as changes occur and your body rebalances itself. Also as energy cysts are released you may be reminded of the emotion involved in the initial trauma. This is okay and you will be supported through this during your session.

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