What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy. It releases tensions deep inside the body and helps normalise the environment of the craniosacral system.

Nerves Branch Out

The craniosacral system extends from the head, face and mouth to the sacrum (base of back). It is enclosed in the dura mater membrane. It contains the brain and spinal cord and all related structures.

The cranial nerves and spinal nerves branch out from this system to serve every organ and body part right through to the fingers and toes.    This allows the craniosacral system to have huge influence over your health and wellbeing.

A regulated flow of fluid – cerebro-spinal fluid – enters and leaves this system. This fluid cushions the brain and spinal cord. It also brings nutrients to the nervous system within and transports waste matter away to be removed from the body. As the cerebro-spinal fluid flows in and out of the system it creates a rhythm.  This is what we call the craniosacral rhythm and is palpable underneath the cardiac and respiratory (heartbeat and breathing) rhythms.

Every day our bodies suffer stresses and strains as they do their best to help us deal with life.  These can cause tension in our tissues which in turn can distort our craniosacral systems and thus the core of our being.

Gentle touch, less stress.

When you receive a treatment I will gently palpate your craniosacral rhythm.   This and other techniques help me to locate any restriction you may have. I will work very gently to ease the restrictions by gently melding, blending and holding space in those areas for your body to begin self correcting and following it as it does this.   Your body decides the direction and the pace.  This reduces the element of fear.

As a restriction, i.e. a tension in the spinal vertebrae, is released, the benefits will be passed via the spinal nerve to the organ that it serves.

If the tension is on an organ/ limb, etc. we first ease the tension locally and then ease the nerve that serves it, as it too will have been feeling the pressure.

This allows the body to relax and self correct.

So, cranioSacral therapy is a gentle method of listening to the body and encouraging change. It uses a very light touch that encourages releases that come out physically in the form of heat, pulsing, gurgling (digestive system), muscle and tissue movement, breath change, etc. etc., or emotionally in the form of tears, laughter, memories, etc., as feelings of fear, sadness, anger, remorse, etc. surface and are released.

As a feeling of freedom and movement is experienced in the craniosacral system it impacts on the whole person.

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