Natural Nutrition

Like CranioSacral therapy and Reflexology Natural Nutrition is holistic. It is about the creation of freedom and movement at all levels within the whole person which can be hindered by the retention of toxins.

We all feel the stresses and strains of everyday life and have no doubt that they take their toll on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Whether we are suffering from a particular ailment or our bodies and minds are showing symptoms of stress most of us carry on and allow things to develop unchecked. But all of this is impairing our inner and outer freedom and movement. Natural Nutrition is about healing and the way we view healing is to create freedom and movement within all levels of the person.


As a natural nutritionist my role is to facilitate you to look at and help you understand everything that influences this freedom and movement and to help you take control of your own healing process.

As you begin this journey we look at your current health picture; at how it has developed over your lifetime and previous generations. As we do this we begin to see the connections between all the symptoms. We look at the fear and stress that surround not only illness and dis-ease but also a great part of everyday life. We also look at how your body tries to do the very best it can for you in any given situation i.e. produce inflammation to remove toxins.

As we progress on this journey, rather than seeing disease as a negative process we begin to see it as a powerful opportunity to facilitate change and support growth. It is from this very positive concept that the healing process can begin.

I will give you sufficient information to help you mechanically begin to change your picture immediately. With diet and techniques your body immediately feels less stressed and begins to let go. At the same time we begin to change your biochemistry so these improvements can be permanent.

As your body begins to create this movement toxins are released and will also begin to move. A vital part of the treatment is the removal from your body of these released toxins. Together we will track this movement, identify any stagnation and use techniques to ensure release through your body’s natural routes of elimination.

As this process continues stresses and suppressions are removed from your body and mind giving you a huge opportunity to;


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