I first attended Margaret Walsh about eight years ago.   I was having severe problems with my stomach and digestive system.   Medically I was at a level where I would undergo surgery and treatment and I would have a time of ease; but it would soon flare up again.    The spaces between the surgeries were becoming shorter and shorter.

When I first met Margaret she was very warm and welcoming.

During my session of Reflexology I remember that, as she worked, she asked what, at the time, seemed the strangest questions.

I too had questions and felt quite comfortable asking them.   Margaret had unending patience answering them.

She worked confidently and thoroughly and I found myself trusting in her after only one session.

After each session I was drained but always felt a little lighter.     She was gentle in suggesting changes to my diet and lifestyle, explaining not only the benefits but also the reasons for changing these particular things.  It wasn’t easy (still isn’t)  but after following them I was very surprised at how much better I felt on the whole.   Friends and family even commented on how much better I was looking.

I felt for the first time in a long time balanced both emotionally and physically and no more surgery.

My husband suffered with very bad sinus problems.    He decided that maybe Margaret could help him as she had helped me.

He had Reflexology and again she made changes to his diet.   She also made a mixture for him using Bach Flower Remedies to aid his treatment.

He found the changes easy to make and not hard to keep up.   The biggest change was the dissipation of aches and pains that he had become so used to that it was only when they were gone that he realised how much they had been draining him.

When he hurt his back Margaret was his first stop.  She suggested that she use CranioSacral Therapy.   It was a different treatment to the Reflexology but very gentle.   After the sessions he was extremely relaxed and said they were the best nights sleep he had ever experienced.   With the treatment, Margaret asked him to do rubs at home.

When I became pregnant things did not go as smoothly as hoped.   I suffered terribly from morning sickness and had trouble with my back and hips.   Margaret worked with me throughout the pregnancy using Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy and advised us on how  best to deal with this difficulty nutritionally.   Towards the end of the pregnancy she even treated me in my own home since I was unable to travel to her.

After my son was born by emergency c section, I had no hesitation in bringing him to Margaret at one month old.

She worked with him gently and at his pace with CranioSacral Therapy For Babies. She treated him as an individual, recognising his needs and responding to them throughout the sessions.    He took to her immediately, responding to her very gentle touch.   Margaret put us at ease by explaining what she was going to do and why.

Being a new mum I was nervous when starting to wean on to solid food but Margaret soon put me on the right track.

We now have a very healthy and happy son and this because of the strong and healthy start Margaret helped us to give him.

I have no hesitation in recommending Margaret Walsh.   Her combination of therapies makes working with her a unique experience.  I cannot speak highly enough of what she has done and continues to do for myself and my family to keep us healthy, balanced and happy.

Leona Whittle.


After a life of suffering with depression, an anxiety disorder and low self esteem a friend advised me to go to Margaret.

The first night I met Margaret we discussed my problems and their history.

She explained to me the working and theory of Reflexology and Natural Nutrition and how we would use these to work with my problems. She stressed that it would require my full cooperation. I agreed to give it a go.

I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my life.

The results have been amazing. I have never felt better in my life.

I could not recommend Margaret enough.

Colin  K.

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