What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology (An ancient answer to modern ailments) is a complimentary healing therapy where every organ, gland and body part is said to be reflected (mirrored) in the feet, hands and ears and that by working these areas in a certain way balance may be restored to the body.

Feet and hands and ears hold a special place in our human experience. As we go through life, each one of us in our own unique way, they allow us to move, to hold and to listen to the world around us. .

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A reflexologist works points on the hands, ears or feet that respond to the body in miniature. Using gentle but specific thumb and finger techniques reflexology connects with all the systems and encourages the body to relax.

Reflexology is not a foot massage. The techniques and specific procedures of reflexology are as complex and as wonderful as massage, yet they are entirely different. Reflexology is a systematic application to reflex points on the feet, hands or ears that represent all the body systems, supporting them as they work together to produce balance within. In this way reflexology works to relax the body, ease the mind and reassure the soul; a real antidote to today’s stressful life.

Reflexology is holistic. If you choose reflexology you will receive a treatment that takes into account your whole person; the way YOUR body works which in turn effects the way your mind is able to work; your lifestyle and stresses which effect the emotions you feel and how they flow. The treatment is unique for each person. A reflexologist does not diagnose. Drugs or medication of any kind are never used and as reflexology is a complementary therapy, it will not interfere with the medication the doctor has prescribed for you.

Reflexology is a pleasant form of deep relaxation that can help to;-

  • Soothe nervousness, anxiety and fear,
  • ease aches, pains and discomfort,
  • reduce tension,
  • improve circulation,
  • improve quality of sleep,
  • stimulate sluggish, inactive areas,
  • calm hyperactive, over-productive parts,
  • etc………

An increasing number
of people are using this
natural therapy as a
way of relaxing,
balancing and harmonising
body, mind
and soul.

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