How Can Reflexology Help ?

The first thing reflexology does is it helps your body to relax and thus helps to reduce tension. This can help with whatever  you are working with in your life, be it the stresses of every day life, illness, medical treatments etc.

Reflexology can help with the movement of fluids in the body i.e blood and lymph and this helps to get things moving.

Reflexology is very effective for the digestive system.    It promotes the removals of toxins/waste from the body. We all feel better when our digestive systems are working well.

It can help to strengthen and enhance the immune system. This is very important for our health and wellneing.

It helps to ease aches, pains of any kind. It can help with sleep, fertility, anxiety, fear etc.etc.

The list is endless because Reflexology works with you, the person and not a specific problem. It takes into account your body and how it works which in turn effects how your mind is able to work. It also takes into account your stresses which effect your emotions and how they are able to flow.

It is holistic.  It treats the whole person. It is complementary and will not interfere with other treatments.

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